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Personal History

I grew up playing with anything that had a motor. I started riding dirt bikes when i was 11. Got up to 125cc B class. Kind of slowed down when I hit high school and began college, etc. I am now currently a full time paramedic/firefighter in st. louis county. I started getting back into motocross about a year ago. Now that I've matured my work ethic is 100% committed. I've devoted my days at work when I am not on a call to working out, eating healthy and reading and watching any riding tips I can get my hands on. When i get my 4 days off stretch I go out to local track's and practice 3 out of my 4 days off which is every week since I only work (2) 24 hour shifts per week. I have a strong routine and I am committed to this sport. This is something I've always had that grit and passion for and would do anything to be one of the elite. I have a lot of goals and with my work schedule I have a lot of time to achieve them. On my current work schedule I only work (10) 24 hour shift a month. I have plenty of time and room to improve with the right guidance. Help a first responder achieve his goals!

Riding Goals

Anything and Everything. I wont stop at 1 thing. If I had to pick a short term goal it would be a amateur win at LL's.