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Personal History

I'm 38 years old and I love nothing more then getting on my dirt bike and riding like I stole it!! I have been riding and racing dirt bikes since I was 3 years old! I have broken many bones but that is not stopping my love of a dirt bike. I started both my children out on dirt bikes when they were 3 and they absolutely love dirt bikes! It has always been a dream of mine to make it to the pros, after I broke my wrist and had to take a break from riding, I realized that I would have to just compete in local area races and AMA sactioned events, but my kids are really into it and I think they could eventually make it to the pros with my help and help from other companies! I'm excitied for them, they are great kids and I want them to succeed in what they love! I have been married for 14 years and my wife totally supports the whole family! She is our personal photographer, she's awesome!! I currently purchased a 2007 Honda CRF450R, and its just rad!! The only problem is, its so fast and peppy I can't seem to keep ahold of the darn thing! So I gotta a little bit of modifing to do! But I also race a 1999 Honda CR250R and she is my baby and I will never get rid of her! I have won many races with her and I have put a ton of money in her! She is all set up for me and I can smoke a 450 on the track anyday! People say its impossible but I have proved them wrong, I even got pictures to show! I always tell my kids, It's all in the rider! You are out on the track to have fun and it don't matter what place you come in as long as you are having fun! My kids have done exceptionally well and I'm very proud of them! Well that's a little about me!!

Riding Goals

I plan on doing a lot of traveling in the upcoming year! I know I'm not going pro, but my kids may and I going to help them achieve their goal while having fun with them as well! I will be rooting them on and they will be rooting me on! It's going to be a great upcoming season and I'm so stoked! 

Competitive Highlights

My competitive highlights...mmmm well I love a good clean fast race! I love competing and I'm very postitive! If I can't get the bike in front of me on the first lap, I will get them in the second! There is nothing like racing a dirt bike and jumping 30 ft high jumps and your adreline going, its the best feeling in the whole world, well to me anyways!! I don't really care for people who play dirty on the track, its not fair to other racers who are out there to have fun and when you race that way it doesn't make you a very good person! To me it makes you look snobby and I don't like stuck up people! No body is better then anybody and I don't want my kids growing up acting like that, no reason for it! I just like a good clean race, thats what it is all about!