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Personal History

Hello my names Jared Lambert, 26 yo, I ride an 04 450R and 250F.  I am currently enlisted in the Air Force stationed at Beale Air Force Base just North of Sacramento.  I have served my time in Iraq and it has taken a toll on my family being gone so much.  I  have served 9 years so far but am getting out to pursue a career in the California Highway Patrol.  I am scheduled to attend the Academy fall of 2008. 

Riding Goals

Strength condition, train more, learn more, and practice more.  This sport takes it out of you and I have so much more respect for everyone out there that races.  I plan to enter local race series and keep doing track days to better my skills.  I realize I am not a big name or have produced more results but that is what I am determined to do this year.  I am always looking to better myself as a person and a motocross rider.  I am always looking to try new things and get better gear and equipment.

I would appreciate if you would consider me for a sponsorship with your company.  Any help or opportunities I receive I would greatly benefit from.  I will help promote your products to other racers, friends and family.  Thank you and I hope to hear back from you.

                                                                                                                                         Thank you,


Competitive Highlights

I have riden dirt bikes since the age of 9 and have never entered a competitive event until I got stationed overseas in Portugal.  I entered a local event and finished 8th in the 1st moto and took 4th in the 2nd moto out of 25 riders.