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Rider Updates

Nov 6 2018

Can't wait to get my hands on the 2019 Yz250f

Nov 6 2018

Getting the bike ready for next season #winterstorageMode

Oct 6 2018

Cleaning the bike up. Going to get some maintenance done.

Oct 1 2018

Had my fork seal leak on my bike so going over to Pinnacle racing suspension to get some parts !

Sep 28 2018

Want to thank my sponsors. Oneal , Decal works, factory seat covers, Pinnacle racing suspension, flow vision and last but not least ASV. Can't wait to show you guys what I have in me.

Sep 28 2018

Big thanks to factory seat covers ! Love the brand can't wait to throw one on my bike, extra grip

Sep 27 2018

Heading out to the trails right now for some Enduro training,

Sep 25 2018

Heading up to mcnutt to hit some heavy enduro, trail times after trial times .getting faster day by day

Sep 24 2018

Hitting the gym right now, going for a ride in the afternoon on this beautiful monday, thanks to my sponsors, Oneal , ASV, decal works , pinnacle racing suspension, flow vision !! Really appreciate the help

Sep 22 2018

Thanks pinnacle racing suspension for the support going to get some forks that will last the heavy Enduro rides

Sep 22 2018

Just got back from a gnarly ride, terrain was drenched and made it very technical keeping the horse on its hoofs, terrain was absolutely muddy. wet roots and logs make it more fun anyway

Sep 22 2018

Have to do some maintenance on the bike today, oil /oil filter, grease up my pivot points /linkage, chain , throw a new air filter in, #4strokes

Sep 20 2018

Had a killer workout today, gotta keep the body in shape if you want to succeed

Sep 20 2018

Made a video edit, check out my videos ✓✓✓

Sep 20 2018

Thanks asv for the support! Now I can actually ride the trails withought my levers breaking #pivot

Sep 20 2018

Can't wait to get new plastics and a Killer decal kit from decal works

Sep 19 2018

Hitting the gym to keep up to the arm pump and physical and mental stress on the body .

Sep 18 2018

Thank you for the rider support , Oneal /decal works ,/ flow vision , appreciate the help

Sep 12 2018

I Am looking forward to next season, going to be racing In the Enduro and MX outdoor

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