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Rider Updates

Jul 17 2019

Been slacking on this sight a little bit but I haven't been off my bike , I have alot of videos up on my Instagram !! Flossy_films

May 15 2019

New vids on my Instagram @flossy_films !!!!!

Apr 21 2019

New vid up for Easter!!!

Apr 12 2019

Riding this weekend stay tuned for vids

Apr 2 2019

Thanks to all my supporters, more vids up on my page !

Apr 1 2019

New pics up go peep!!

Mar 19 2019

New vids up!!

Mar 15 2019

Appreciate all the supporters /sponsors that are helping me out with my gear and parts, you guys mean alot to me !!

Mar 10 2019

Go check out my new vids n pic on my Instagram @Flossy_Films

Mar 5 2019

New videos up go peep!!!!!

Mar 2 2019

Out at my local riding spot shovel in hand building lips

Mar 2 2019

Heading out to go find some riding spots

Feb 27 2019

Hitting the ramp I built this weekend if the weather is good .

Feb 25 2019

New vids up !!

Feb 23 2019

Hopefully can get out and ride today, slush and snow everywhere

Feb 22 2019

Getting the bike ready for the weekend, little oil change and air filter clean and I'll have vids posted tomorrow

Feb 18 2019

Had some fun on the bike today, posting vids tomorrow

Feb 16 2019

Making a couple ramps this weekend so I can get some air miles on my bike

Feb 11 2019

Appreciate all the rider support, posting vids on my Instagram @flossy_films go check it out. Wouldn't be able to do it as well withought my rider support

Feb 7 2019

Can't wait till the weekend, supposed to be getting a bit more snow so that means I have an excuse to rip my bike around the block ✊

Jan 26 2019

Getting my body ready for some Enduro is probably the hardest I've pushed myself in the gym but it will all be worth it once I get back on the bike, I've always struggled with arm pump and I'm learning new ways to deal with it with eating healthy foods and staying active, I'll be setting some new goals on my dirt bike this year for sure keep and eye out for me. I'd like the thank all sponsors for the rider support ! It goes along way

Jan 19 2019

Thanks for the rider support ! Appreciate all the help. Wish I could be riding right now in these conditions, we didn't get any snow yet this year so it's like riding in fall, waiting for my knee to heal

Jan 13 2019

Glendale 2 yesterday was sick , 450 main was crazy after the stagered start and Ken roczen could have had it if Malcom sterwert didn't go down, bb4 takes the win with el hombre behind followed by kenny.

Dec 3 2018

Thanks to all my sponsors for the support, Procircuit racing, Factory seat covers , oneal ,ASV Inventions , decal works ,Flow vision, Pinnacle suspension

Nov 18 2018

Wish I was still able to ride right now due to patellar tendon tear I'm out till next season :(

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