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Personal History

** Update**

Texas Cross Country Racing Association

  2019 O-38 B Series Champion

Texas Offroad Racing Oranization  

     2016-17 O45B Series Champion

 2008 (and early 2009) was a tough year for me. A serious injury, coupled with family issues (deaths) forced me to re-evaluate my position. Henceforth, I gave up racing. By the time 2014 came around, I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I dusted off my boots and signed up for TCCRA’s 2014 race series. Gradually, my speed began to return, and I finished the series respectably. I immediately began TORO’s winter series. My return to racing reminded me that it wasn’t just riding the bikes that was so special to me. It was/is the whole racing community. I can’t see myself ever leaving again.

 I am part of the DNE Offroad Team. I'm constantly helping my friend, Del, (owner) with trackside support. I love doing that, as I get to interact with & help out other racers of all classes.  

Riding Goals

 This year, myself & teammates are focusing on the Enduro, Hard Enduro,, as well as the cross country scene. The plan is to do more bigger type events, national Enduro, GNCC, and some "one off" stuff, such as Rev Limiter.

**TCCRA Series Champion**

  O-38B 2019

**TORO series Champion**

   O-45B 2016-17

Competitive Highlights

2001-02 TORO Open C Champ

2005-06 TORO O-30 B Champ

2005-06 TORO Overall B Champ

2006 Red Bull Last Man Standing Participant

2016-17 TORO O-45 B Champ

2019 TCCRA O-38B Champ