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Personal History

I ride hard and give it my all!  I’m proud of my accomplishments and look forward to future wins.  I got my first dirt bike at the age of 3 I am a very dedicated student maintaining a 3.5 GPA and look forward to going to college.   I’m very thankful for everything I have and have started training young riders hoping to pursue their motocross dreams. I take pride in what I do. From racing to representing sponsors, anything and everything I do I give 110%! I would represent your company with professionalism and respect while promoting your company at local and national events. I will represent your logo and use you gear or products at all times. I am grateful for what I have and what my parents, friends, and family have done to help me in this sport. I would value and respect any racer support from you seriously!

Riding Goals

 We rode as much as we could this year going to oak hill and other nationals trying to get experience and it was a good start. We are planning on racing most of the same races next year so I feel like ill be more comfortable. I just got a new bike so we’re ready to go win next year. My speed has improved and I know I can win. My goal for 2012 is to excel at Mammoth, qualify for Loretta Lynn’s, while promoting my sponsors. 

Competitive Highlights

2010-2011 Amateur Racing Highlights:

Sept.  2010                                                                           Sept.  2010

Position: 5th                                                                           Position: 1st

Class: 250 Beg. Stk.                                                              Class: 450 Beg. Stk.

Description: Dodge Amateur National 2010                   Description: Dodge Amateur National 2010                                                                                                                                  

Oct.  2010                                                                             Nov.  2010

Position: 4th                                                                           Position: 5th

Class: 250 C                                                                           Class: 250 novice                                                 

Description: 2010 Fly Racing Turkey Race                      Description: (Local) Chilcoot Motocross Track                                                                                                                             

Jan-Feb. 2011                                                                       Jan-Feb. 2011

Position: 1st overall                                                              Position: 1st overall (Series champion)

Class: 250 novice                                                                 Class: 450 novice

Description: (local) E-Street MX winter series               Description: (local) E-Street MX winter series                                                              

March 3rd-9th, 2011                                                              March 3rd-9th, 2011

Position: 9th                                                                           Position: 22nd (went down in main)

Class: 250 novice mod                                                        Class: 250 novice stock

Description: (National) Oak Hill GNC                                Description: (National) Oak Hill GNC

International Motocross Final                                            International Motocross Final


April 1st-3rd, 2011                                                                 April 1st-3rd, 2011

Position: 4th                                                                           Position: 9th

Class: 450 novice                                                                 Class: 250 novice mod

Description: (National Qualifier) E-Street MX Description: (National Qualifier) E-Street MX

Loretta’s area qualifier                                                       Loretta’s area qualifier


April 10th, 2011                                                                    Date: April 10th, 2011

Position: 3rd                                                                           Position: 5th

Class: 450 novice                                                                 Class: 250 novice

Description: (National Qualifier) Honey Lake MX          Description: (National Qualifier) Honey Lake MX

Road to Mammoth Qualifier                                              Road to Mammoth Qualifier


May 29th-30th, 2011                                                             May 29th-30th, 2011

Position: 7th                                                                           Position: 5th Moto 1 / 28th Moto 2 (No clutch)

Class: 450 novice                                                                 Class: 450 novice

Description: (National Qualifier)                                       Description: Mammoth Motocross

Washougal MX Park Loretta’s Regional Qualifier

          Future 2011Races:

              2011 Dodge Amateur Motocross National

                           2011 Fly Turkey Race

     2011 Amateur Open National