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Personal History

I have been racing motorcycles for over 25 years, beginning when I was only 4 years old.  I began racing motocross on a PW 50 and continued working my way up to racing the A class when I was 14 years old. I had to overcome numerous injuries that slowed my progress, however was able to finally fulfill my dream of racing at Loretta Lynn's.  I was then affected by the failing economy, as many others were and had to cut back on racing as much.  I was however able to graduate from college with a Bachelors degree in Biology and a Masters in Applied Physics.  I recently started getting into flat track racing where I quickly realized I had a natural talent when I went out and won my first heat race at the All Star race in Springfield, IL.  I have since then continued to race flat track and motocross and participated in my first Dirt Track Grand Championships this past year.

Riding Goals

2015 Goals:
Race at Loretta Lynn’s amateur nationals, turn pro in Dirt Track, Race selected Indoor flat track events, selected Steve Nace All Star Races, along with races around the Midwest and work towards earning a national number in Dirt Track.

Competitive Highlights

1993 District 22 80cc class champion
1997 Winter National Olympics Gainesville, FL 125C class
      - 2nd TT Event    - 3rd SX Event    - 5th MX Event
2001 33rd 125A class Loretta Lynn’s
2001 125A class and 250A class Winter National Olympics Gainesville, FL
2002 Farley Track Champion 125A class
2011 2nd Open Pro class Thunderdome Indoor
2012 Chilton Speedway All Star Race 1st 450 class
2012 1st Open Pro class Thunerdome Indoor
2013 AMA Dirt Track Grand Championships 450cc-Open Singles class
  - 7th TT Event  - 8th Short Track #1  - 10th Short Track #2 
2013 Peoria Speedway All Star Race 3rd 450cc class
2013 Peoria TT All Star Race 3rd 450cc class
2013 1st Aztalan Short Track 450cc pro class