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Personal History

Motocross is my life. I got my first bike at 2. It was an electric Razor bike. Then I got a PW50 when I was 4. After I outgrew that, I saved up for a TTR50. Then I started riding my cousins TTR90. I raced two weekends on that taking 7th and 4th overall. Then, I got a KX65. My Dad rebuilt it and I raced it for two years. Then, I got a YZ85, which I rode for a little under a year, when I blew it up. My parents moved to Oregon, which I didn't get to race the 2013 season as my bike was still blown up. Then I  missed the 2014 season. I'm ice racing this year and riding the whole 2015 race season.

Riding Goals

My motocross dream is to race Lorreta Lynns. I have always wanted to have a number 1 plate. My goals for racing in Alaska are to travel to Fairbanks and Kenai racing. I would also like to try and race a few races in the Expert class to see if I'm fast enough to ride with them.

Competitive Highlights

2010- 6th place 65cc Anchorage City Series

2011- 3rd place 65cc Anchorage City Series

2012- 16th place 85cc Anchorage City Series

2012- 8th place 85cc Alaska State Series

5 wins

1 overall

TONS of 2nds and 3rds