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Personal History

My name is Danny Walker and I am 16 years old. I have currently left school and I am working part time, I start college in a few weeks where I am taking my motor mechanics. I do motocross at a weekend as a hobby in which I would love to participate in at a good level, as it is a sport I love. I have been riding now for just over 3 years and this season has be my first full season racing, last year I did 4 meetings which was my first ever race experience. This season I have been racing for Stevenage Schoolboy Scrambling Club in the Big Wheel group (Inter 100’s). The race season is now over, and I am very pleased to say that I finished 2nd in the championship. To me this is a great result for not only me, but for my mum and dad as well for giving me all the support they can to allow me to do this. I feel that finishing 2nd in my first ever season racing is a amazing achievement, as at the beginning of the season I was doubting whether or not I could even finish top ten. For the 2011 season I will be moving up to a 250f, and I am unsure yet which championship I will be participating in, but it will be at schoolboy level; but I hope that I will be able to get entry to a couple of rounds of either the BYMX, British Masters or Red Bull Elite youth cup, to see how I come up against some of the top riders in the country. In the schoolboy championships I will be aiming for a top 3 finish..



I like and enjoy playing sports and I have enthusiasm to be good at any sports that I take part in. I also take part in motocross, football, golf, jogging, badminton and I used to play cricket but gave this up as I decided that cricket wasn’t for me.
I like to be a leader in a team and I always try my best to make my way to the top and to give 100% in whatever I do. I love to keep fit and healthy by regularly taking exercise and eating healthy foods, as I feel that fitness is a big part of motocross.
I like to make the most of life and try to achieve all the goals which I have set for myself, one of these being the highest skill level in motocross that I possibly can, which is why I am currently searching for help so that I can achieve this goal.



Riding Goals

My main goal for my 2011 race season is to finish top 3 in the championship, or at least top 5; if I can better this I will be happy, but it is my first season on  a 250f so it will be a big change for me, as I am not the tallest of kid’s. I would also like to keep my fitness up and ride as many tracks over the country as I can, getting as much experience as I can to help me proceed in becoming a better and better rider.