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Personal History

My name is Dalton Williams. I began racing in 2002 locally as a family sport on the weekends,growing in age and skill level we began to race nationalyl over the course of 8 years. Clinching many top 5 finishes in B and A class races in the GNCC series before sustaining a practice crash in the winter of 2012; which led to a broken leg,torn rotator cuff and a broken thumb. After healing up and coming back racing off and on i was forced to stop racing due to family and personal problems. 

Since then i have created my own business, Dreamchaser Designs which specializes in custom helmet painting. I have painted helmets for many professional ATV athletes over the years including Joel’s hetrick, David Haagsma, Adam McGill and Walker Fowler amongst many amateurs. As 2018 approaches i am setting myself up to return to racing in hopes to collect my first national title.

Riding Goals

2018 goals:

- Top 5 in all junior A events (stay consistent)

- compete in as many local events as allowed

-professional and positive attitude 

-reperesent all sponsors in the best and most professional way possible