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Personal History

21 years old been riding since i was 4. eat sleep and breathe mx. started on a PW80 and kept getting better from their on out. I ride a 2001 kawasaki kx 250 with pro circuit pipe. in the winter I hop on the snowboard and shred that. Always out doing something gnarly be it dirt jump, shredding track, trails, hitting the park at mountain. im all about everything extreme but MX is where my passion is. snow, sun, rain im out their riding after work daily at the local trails or the track.

Riding Goals

Start competing in enduro and mx races at the local tracks and get atleast one podium finish for the season. get solid jump videos and make myself a name in the mx community. i feel like if i had the right training and people to ride with i could really start winning races. i want to be able to not have to go to work every day, a life where waking up, gearing up, and going riding all day is a reality not a dream. i wanna be able to flip like pastrana, whip like axel hodges, and race like ricky.

Competitive Highlights

havent competed yet but deffenetly gonna be starting next season. very competetive no matter what im doing so hoping i can start making my way to the podium for some races. in either enduro rat races or mx track races i love being out competing trying to be the best out their.