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Personal History

39 years old, been riding since i was in my late teens. Mostly woods/enduro riding with some Moto X experience as well. Started trying Harescramble and Extreme Enduro in last few years and love it! Ride as much as I can and Ive been a member of the Royal Canadian Airforce for 20 years!

Riding Goals

Keep improving every day, my fitness overal is even better now than it was when I was 20.

Competitive Highlights

Some local small events that i did well in, then last year tried Red Bull Rocks and Logs 2016. Rode begginer class. Over 100 people entered the class and I managed a 10th place finish. I was older person in my class by 10 years. This years ive been invited back and have moved into +30 class and Im striving for a Top 5 finish..