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Rider Updates

Aug 16 2012

Getting bike and gear ready for this weekends race.  It will be the final night race of the summer.  That's too bad because I like riding in the dark.  My Cyclops light works great!  It's helping prepare me for a 24 hour race.....

Aug 4 2012

Found a new place to practice Murphy's MX in Red Rock, TX - they have both motocross and a trails course.  Best of both worlds.  It wasn't too crowded and there were some fast riders out there.  They are only open once a month.  We will be going back again.   Had a good time riding.  And it's a good thing my mom ordered my new ASV levers last week because I went down and broke the stock brake lever while practing.  

Jul 29 2012

Got my first motocross win today in the schoolboy class.  First race on the YZ125.  Rode hard and had a good ride.  Also rode the 250 novice, it was tough and I got fifth.  Will keep on practicing.

Jul 19 2012

Can't wait for the races this weekend.  Will have both a day and night race.

Jun 9 2012

I rode in my first night race last weekend.  Got set up with a Cyclops Solstice headlight for my helmet.  I was a little worried since I had never riden at night and didn't know what to expect.  The course was marked well but it was really dusty.  Could catch the guy in front of me but never could get by him.  Too hard to see when I was close to him.  Ended up second.  I will get him next race.  Had a lot of fun!

Mar 19 2012

We headed out to Georgia last week to race in round 2 of the GNCC series.  It was a long drive but it was well worth it.  I ride the 200 Schoolboy class.  Last year I had bike troubles but this year was a different story.  

I was ready and my bike (moved up to a 125yz) was ready.  It rained Friday night and Saturday morning so the track started out a little slick but it got better.  I was in second place until I got stuck on a hill.  It took me a little while to get unstuck and back on the track. A couple of guys passed me while I was stuck so I ended up forth.  I had a good time riding and I am looking forward to racing them again.

Jan 22 2012

Went to the TORCS banquet Saturday in Austin.  I came away with 2 second place year end awards - 1 in the supermini and the other in the 250F C class.  Thanks for a great year.  Looking forward to the start of the season in February.  Have a new to me 2006 yz125 I will be competing on.  

Jan 16 2012

The 2012 season has started out good.  Placed 4th in the Saturday Open B 1hr - lost my clutch on the Honda 150 the last lap but came back Sunday and won the Sunday Open B 2hr race on my yz125!  Liked riding the bigger bike.

Looking forward to the next race in a few weeks.


Dec 13 2011

Looking forward to the last race of the season in Xtreme.  It has been a good year.  The race will be in Middleton Dec 17-18.  Just finished getting the Honda ready to ride.

Nov 21 2011

Sunday, the 2011 TORCS season ended.  It was a fun weekend of racing.  The weather was great.  I ended up 1st in the 250F C race and 1st overall for the Saturday 2:30 race.  I rode hard and had a good race.  I got to ride a Yamaha 125yz and loved it!  Sunday I was back on my crf 150 and I ended up 2nd in the supermini.  I was in front until I had a hard crash.  But I still ended up in 2nd place

Nov 12 2011

With the last race coming up in TORCS this weekend, we are trying to get bikes fixed from GNCC races.  Worked on the clutch and top ends on them.  Hopefully all the parts will come in on time and we can get them on the bikes. 

Nov 12 2011

The races on Friday and Sunday didn't go as planned.  Never been to a race where you didn't ride the course first. Friday it was really cold and muddy.  The temperature was a shock being from Texas where it was still in the 80's.  The mountains were a new experience for me.  I lost my clutch on the second lap and had to pull off.  Mountain and no clutch = no fun.  Sunday the weather was better.  Got off to a better start and was doing well.  Then blew the top end.  Couldn't believe it.  I was very dissapointed and mad.  However, overall it was a good experience.  I learned alot from the trip.  Next trip we will do things a little different like allow for a little extra travel time, spend more time going over and preping the bike, get there early enough to walk / bike some of the course, and have gear for different weather conditions so all was not lost.  It was definitely a learning experience and I look forward to the next one! 

Oct 31 2011

After racing this weekend, we are trying to get the bikes preped for the trip to Tennessee.  I am looking forward to racing there this weekend.  It will be fun!

Oct 30 2011

Managed to get on the podium for both Saturdays 250F C and Sundays Supermini races.  The 250F  C class I got in front early and stayed there.  Ended up !st overall for that race.  The supermini I got 2nd place after battling Lane for 1st the entire ravce.  We switched back and forth several times before the end ogf the race.  I ended up second for both the race and the morning overall.

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