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Personal History

My name is Cody Hamm and i live and breath motocross i go to every race i can i didnt make loretta lynns (2010) this year blew my bike up and couldnt get it fixed in time to go to next quilifer.Hopefully next year, But other than that i work on air conditioners own my own company im only 20 till aug.13.But i also train with my best friend whos pro JEFFREY FIsher hes taught me everything i know about riding. 

Riding Goals

well for next year is to go pro and make the outdoor series dont like supercross at all cant get the bike up to speed but i want to make it pro it would be great to go and pull an outdoor national win as a prviteer rookie.

Competitive Highlights

i dont really have any right now just started racing again ive been out for training only purposes no racing Fisher said thats what makes you fast and he was right raced two weeks ago and beat everyone by 3/4 of a lap.