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Personal History

Started riding trails in 2003 when I got my first bike, 2002 TT-R 225. Rode trails until some friends got me into the MX racing of the sport. In the summer of 2005 I bought myself a brand new 2005 CRF250R that I saved for 2 years to buy in full. Moved from Westminster, MD my freshmen year of high school and never looked back. Always had A's and B's in high school and took advanced classes. Graduated high school May 30th, 2007 with a 3.5 GPA adverage on my transcript. Present time I work at Action Marine full time, working on winterizing boats in the fall and winter, then in the spring and summer taking out jetski trips for touis on vecation. Every day after work I ride at my best friends house where he owns a farm. Right now our main track is great, adverage of 1:20 lap times, 90 ft tables, 50 yard whoop section, sand and clay dirt combo, long strait, sweepers, 180 turns, big doubles... it has it all. Now just built was a small turn track like MTF that works great for everyone. Soon we'll have a full working start gate to practice starts. Every weekend and Wednesday friends from Devlmarva powersports come ride and do motos. Riding with  racers in eaither 250A, 250B, 125 B, Supermini, and 4-stroke Open really helps keep you on your toes. Nobody is less then a top 5 racer in B class. I love motocross and its my life 24/7.....

Riding Goals

To get back 100% from my Tibia break and ACL/Lateral Meniscus tears in late 2007.

Competitive Highlights

Race Delamarva series and MAMA. Raced in 125 C for a little bit for my first year and always had the luck of a begginer racer take me out in the holeshot and I would always have to be working from the back of the pack, but that never keep my head down. Later in the season I tried 4-Stroke Open on my CRF250R, top 5 finishes in that class showed me that C class wasnt for me. Last race of the 2007 season I landed hard off a 90 ft table at Seaford Speedway and wound up dislocating my knee tearing my ACL and Lateral Meniscus. 5 Months later I was back on the bike but was trying to ride aggressive to fast after an injury. I was cross rutted on a 60 ft double snapping my Tibia in the middle of my lower leg, got 2 rods in my leg and should see a 100% recovery. The biggest leason Iv learned from my injuries is take it slow and dont ride over your head, Ill get back up to race pace and fitness if I take my time, patients is the biggest thing in life. Late May I should be back on the bike.