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Personal History

Hi I bin on earth since 1993 most of my life I have dedicated to being a mechanic I got my first motorcross bike when I was 12 I would take it apart and put it toghether for fun so I grew out of it and so I got a cr500 crqzy huh man that thing has lots of power real easy to start but not raceable because its power so I got me a kx250 got a love the power behind that thing top end and bottom end are perfect suspension too soft it will need some adjustments but yea I'm js here to get the best out of it

Riding Goals

My first goal is get out there and have fun thats my number one goal without that there would be no competition with me my second goal is to get the best out of my bike come first and work harder and be ready for next race hard like if it was your last stay strong and live up to your dream

Competitive Highlights

I'm very commpetive always want to be the first one out and first one in some times the track is to soft or sometimes its to hard I'd rather not complain about it and keep going hard