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Personal History

I was born in NC in the 80's where my first bike was a neighborhood hand-me-down 1982 Honda 50.  I graduated to an XR 100 and the got into racing on a CR 80 Expert.  It was always a hobby as soccer was my main focus through college.  When I turned 16 I got into cars and mountain bikes and was away from moto for a while.  I graduated from the College of Charleston in 2004 and am currently a Medical Sales Professional (with a moto problem)!  I returned to riding in 2008 on board a KTM 250F.  I have been passionately going strong ever since.  I started racing again in late '08 and cant get enough.  I have found a new way to release my competive side on the track.  My wife is very kind when it comes to riding and is fully supportive.  As I have built my skill and confidence up I have incresed my knowledge of all things moto.  Whenver I go to purchase a new piece of gear or equipment I always research and read as much as I can find and I enjoy sharing what I find with others.  

I hope to continue riding for as long as possible and becoming more and more involved with moto and racing in general.

Riding Goals

My goals for this year include:

-qualifying for the Southeast Regional Championship in the Vet 30+ B/C class.  

- consistently finish in the top 5 in the Vet 30+ B/C class in all races that I enter

- race pre-selected rounds of the Thor Mega Series, including the Suzuki Top Gun Shootout 

- race in pre-selected Florida races including RC Supercross

- continue to improve my riding skill and technique


Competitive Highlights

My cometitive highlights include:

- 5th place at the 2012 RC Amatuer Supercross in Daytona in the Vet 30 + class

-1st place in the 2011 Suzuki Top Gun Shoot Out at Muddy Creek Raceway in the Unlimited C class

- 2nd place overall in the series in the D class in 2009 Carolina Gold Cup (first full year racing)

- Several top 3 finishes in the Thor Mega Series races at Muddy Creek Raceway