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Rider Updates

May 19 2013

Welp been working on whips and scrubs getting pretty good fat whips!! Going to race in meeker for autisum June 9. Picks will b.posted. have no had time to post any lately but been on the bike a lot and racing state next year2014

Apr 3 2013

ok so my wrist is not sprang. i have to go to Oklahoma City to see an orthopedic specialist because i have Madelung deformity of both wrist and may require surgery in the future. I am the first case of this my doctor has every seen in his 30 year career. They usual done see this until later in the teen years but good thing i crashed and we caught it early.

Mar 31 2013

well was getting faster lap times and having fun battling with a KTM 65 (could have passed by stayed in 2nd gear) and he washed out and was laying on a jump and i came around the corner and had to grab front break and back and by bike did a perfect stopie and i planted my right hand to keep the weight of me and my bike off of the kid who was around 6 so now have a high sprang wrist and cant ride this weekend but will b back on the bike come Monday.good thing there is no race this weekend.



Mar 30 2013

Start of a local track series going to race the 85cc beg. class. Just got back on my bike after a short break, in the next couple seasons plan to race senior. Hope to get top three this season