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Personal History

Casey Kilby. I ride 2014 yamaha yz250f , and ride in Central Oregon.18 years old.

I started racing cars at the age of 12 , and have always had that "need for speed". ya know? Then by the age of 16 i had stopped racing due to parents splitting up and such . I had bought a yz125 then to go ride with friends who had raced , and then when i was 17 my dad was an alcoholic so i moved out so he claimed he was gonna report my bike stolen for some reason, anyways i just left that bike and moved out . when i turned 18, 3 months later i bought brand new bike and my loan was 12k.. and i have a full time job  to keep my "need for speed" going. The 5th time riding the bike i snapped both bones in my right lower leg on a jump march 23, 2014. since then its been little while and i still have a rod in my leg cause i can’t afford to get it removed yet..  every day off im training on the bike or prepping my bike to make it better and whatever it takes but soon I had to realize you have to pay the price and its a pretty penny.  I used to ride mountain bikes for Answer ProTaper when i was like 15 as well. but then i wanted to ride something with an engine and now i'm forever riding moto! But thats a little about me and my local story in central oregon, i also tried starting a ride page on Facebook called “central oregon local moto”, just to get people out here to maybe build a track someday so i don’t have to go 200 miles to race. well i hope you have great day and thanks for reading my little story!

Riding Goals

To race.

To get sponsorship .

To get rider rep locally in oregon by racing.

Competitive Highlights

super dedicated motivated motocross rider.