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Personal History

I am thirteen years old and I am from Bakersfield, California. I have been riding for one year and this is my first full season racing. I am a late starter to the sport because my mom is a nurse and she was always afraid to let me ride motorcycles because she was afraid that I would get hurt. I got hurt anyways and broke my foot very badly. Even after physical therapy, I run funny. This caused me to be teased at school and made me feel bad. My mom finally let me start riding motorcycles because she figured everyone looked funny running in motocross boots and I would fit right in. She has been my biggest supporter ever since.
I ride every week at Glen Helen and rotate through DT1, Porterville 2XMX, Cal City, Gorman, and LACR. I rode Milestone before it closed. I want to try Perris, State Fair, Fox and Cahuilla before the end of this year.

Riding Goals

My goals for next season are to ride three times per week and train with my coach at least once per week, twice per week if time allows. I will return for the SRA Grand Prix but will also race SwapMoto which will put me racing twice per month. I want to gain experience at tracks I have not ridden yet and I plan to work on my fitness and nutrition as well. 

Competitive Highlights

While I have not won a race (yet), I feel I accomplish something every time I ride. Every race I get faster and do better. My top three accomplishments are:
1. My first race, I rode the main track at Glen Helen track and went up Mt. St. Glen Helen, even though I was scared to death. I blew the engine of my bike during the same race.

2. My second race, I crashed hard coming down Mt. St. Glen Helen and ended up going to the hospital in an ambulance.

3. Even though I had a rough time my first two races, I did not quit. I came back for the 2020 season and have raced (and finished) every race. Winning will come with time. For now, I am proud I have not quit even though at times I have been discouraged.