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Rider Updates

Aug 20 2013

no more racing for the season broken collar bone fractured vertebrae bruised femur , tailbone , and lungs so out tell next year but up to 450B next year 

Jun 5 2013

i  blew up my bike last week and had a really bad crash that has had me on the couch pretty much latley so im doing what i can to get back into my tranning but that is why i did not attened albany this weekend and i wont be making it to regionals like i would like. Because i would have to leave tommorow but wont get my bike back tell friday but i am going to make my first race back this weekend at supercross saturday night so ill update those results sunday thanks for all the support guys.

May 29 2013

thanks WPS for the sponser ship pulled 6 whole shots and 5 wins for you this weekend and thanks to all of my sponsers and supporters this season so far its been long and we have had some torubles but we will be able to get some wins and see some big tracks this year hopefully lorretas and dode

May 29 2013

tanning and getting ready for the Loretta Lynn regional in two weeks hopefully see Tennessee at the end of the summer

Apr 2 2013

had a good spring break did  a lot of riding really moved up in points in the p.r.o series getting all top 5 finishes practice and tranning hard this week so that i will be ready for my next week coming up in two weekends its been a long year so far but getting better every day

Oct 1 2012

Yesterday ls racing wasn't the best took a first in moto two and broke a spoke that caused my tire to go flat didn't have a back up rum with me but it's all right will be ready for this Saturday night supercross

Sep 28 2012

Almost done with my motorcross season only a few more weeks to go and currently points leader 

Mar 31 2012

Dec 25 2011