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Personal History

I have been racing competitively since I was 6 yrs. old. I would really like to make it to the Loretta Lynn Ranch - That is my current goal. I would love to be a sponsored rider and make it big time ! I've been riding dirt bikes since I was 3 yrs. old and have had so much fun growing up on a dirt bike ! I have attended Loretta Lynn Qualifiers the last two years trying to make it to the ranch. The sport is very expensive and as I get older, my bikes cost alot more than then 65's and 85's. Any type of sponsorship I get would be greatly appreciated to help with the cost. I just got my driver's license now that I'm 16, and I'm going to be getting a job after school/evenings to be responsible and help out with gas money and insurance.

I have a 91% grade average starting my Junior year of high school. I have always been on Honors/High Honors since 7th grade and up. I love being outdoors and have been a successful archery hunter the last 4 yrs., harvesting a big buck every year during archery season. I also enjoy fishing and snowboarding/snowmobiling during the winter months. I didn't play football the last 2 yrs. because they told me I couldn't ride my dirtbike if I played high school football. Well, I don't want to stop riding my dirt bike, so football had to take a back seat. I would race a lot more if I could, but it's just so expensive to travel/race all the time. Thanks so much for your consideration in helping me continue to ride motocross.

Riding Goals

To make it to Loretta Lynn's Ranch and continue moving on from there.....

Competitive Highlights

Placed 1st at Doublin Gap Area Qualifier for Loretta Lynn's 2018


When I was competitively racing my 65/85, I was the D5 District Champion and I also won the Championship at Latrobe Speedway Arenacross