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Personal History

My name is Brandon Wright, more commonly known as B Wright.  I ride an '05 YZ450F, which is like my baby.  I take better care of that bike than the vehicle I haul it in.  Riding is my gettaway.  There is nothing like blasting through a berm and shootin roost, right before hucking yourself off of a huge kicker, or across a massive triple.  I also enjoy a load of other extreme sports such as wakeboarding, kneeboarding, rock climbing, and hang gliding.

Riding Goals

 For the coming year, I plan to put my all into racing, more than ever, and jump into A-class, where I hope to hang with the quick guys.

Competitive Highlights

I haven't actually won any series.  This is mostly due to lack of funds to compete in every single event.  My gear and parts let me down sometimes, and even though I have a great crew of friends and fellow racers to help me out, that's not always enough.  I have won a good bit of races in the 450 C class, before I made the jump this year to the B class at my local MX track, Pyramid Valley Raceway.