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Personal History

I got my first dirt bike when I was 3.5 started racing when I was 4 . My cousin races all the amature nationals won multiple Loretta Lynn tittles , was team green then raced supercross and motocross for 7 years , I always rode and trained with him growing up , went to Ponca city grand nationals , Winter Olympics , never was lucky enough to stay healthy to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s , been racing motocross and arena cross in the pro class 250 and 450 for three years now . 

Riding Goals

My ridding goals for 2019 are to get qualify outa regionals in open pro sport and get inside the top 5 , race some local races here and there , be able to make some out door nationals after Loretta Lynn’s , and then. Do the supercross for armatures to get my supercross licenses for 2020 .

Competitive Highlights

2011 went to NMA grand nationals in Norman Oklahoma got 5th place in the 250 b mod class 

2012 won 1st place in the sunflower state championship in 250 b 450b and college boy 

2016 I won the 250 b and open outlaw and college boy in nitro arena cross 

2017 moved to the pro class

2018 made 6 outa 7 main events in arena cross 250 and 450 pro 16 man gate finished all inside 7th

2019 raced nine outa 16 rounds , one race did not make the main because of bike issues but rest of the mains I made was inside top 5 with two podiums