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Rider Updates

Jan 24 2019

I have switched bikes. I have owned a 2016 KX450f since march of 2018. I am now comfortable on the new bike and I look forward to racing the bike this year.

Apr 11 2018

I have switch bikes, I am now riding a 2016 kx450f and I will be competing in some series within the next few months

Jan 12 2017

In the last 6 months I have spent more time on the bike than I ever have. I have received coaching during this time and my technique has greatly improved. I have spent a lot of time on corner tracks and I have been riding at many different motocross tracks. I have not raced since April of 2016, but I know my skill on the bike has greatly improved. I have decided that it is time to move up to the novice class. I have not raced a lot but I know I can no longer be considered a beginner.

I look forward to my first novice race that will be held March 10, 2017 at Jandabor's Motocross Park.

Oct 20 2016

I have been getting back in shape over the last few months and I have spent a lot of time working on my corner speed. For the last few moths I have spent almost every weekend a practice track somewhere in Oklahoma, and I am feeling comfortable on the bike. Ready to tackle some races in the near future.

Apr 13 2016

I finally got the opportunity to put my new SPY Omen MX goggles to the test in a motocross race last Saturday. They held up amazing and kept my vision clear while I went 1-1 for my first win of the year! Big thanks to SPY Optics for awesome equipment!

Mar 18 2016

Big thanks to spy optics for the new spy targa 3 and omen mx goggles! Go to my photos to check them out!

Jan 18 2016

I would like to thank Atlas Brace Technologies for their support through the 2016 race season! I look forward to the extra protection that this company can provide me and my teammates.

Jan 11 2016

Due to the terrible weather in Stillwater, Oklahoma, I have been off the bike for 6 weeks now. During this time I have worked on fitness and have had the opportunity to make improvements on the bike.

I have added a new event to my schedule and I will be racing the  RD 8 Arctic Cat Nitro Arenacross in Tulsa, OK.

Looking for new partnerships with sponsors to showcase at this event! 

Jan 11 2016

I'd like to give a big thank you to Twin Air for their continued support through the 2016 season!

Nov 30 2015

I am so excited to have the support of two new awesome sponsors.

-ONE industries corp. The gear looks sweet and I can't wait for the new threads!

-Spy optics. I think the product is amazing and I am really excited to get my hands on the new goggles!


Nov 23 2015

Big thanks to Matrix concepts/ 1.7 cleaning solutions for their new support! Can't wait to purchase some quality tie-downs!

Nov 18 2015

I'd like to give Twin Air a big shout out. I am thankful for the new partnership and I am very excited to be given the opportunity to represent team Twin Air!

Nov 17 2015

I am very excited to receive my first MX sponsorship. Big thanks to OGIO for welcoming me to the team!