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Personal History

Raised in the Heat of Texas.  My dad owned and operated "Rio Bravo Mx Park" in Texas around the time of birth and i grew up out there.

Now I live in Socal and ride alot of Motocross.  2013 is going to be my most involved and most successful year in Moto thus far.

After about 10 years off the bike, ive returned with a 2011 CRF450.


Riding Goals

Finish strong in the TWMX race series here in Socal this 2013 season.  Immediately following i will compete in the AMA Socal Series beginning in May.

We hope to win the MTA Vet World Championships this year at Glen Helen.

Competitive Highlights

2012 was the first year that we seriously got back in to racing.  Since more focus was placed on my program I have had more confidence building success.

Fitness and diet are major challenges for me, but my routine has improved exponentially.

2011 AMA Socal Championship Motocross series

2012 Transworld Motocross Socal Race series

2012 FMF Texas Winter Series

2012 TP Dealer Challenge

2013 TWMX Socal Race series