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Rider Updates

Dec 6 2014

Today Lake Sugar Tree held the awards day for the 2014 Supercross events this past year. Ben finished 1st in the 9-13 85cc class and second in the supermini class.

Jan 25 2014

Went and raced my first Arenacross today. It was in Greensboro NC and it was fun. The first heat I finished 6 and missed my LCQ. Will know next time a little more about the event than what we did this time. It was a real fun adventure to race inside for a change.

Nov 23 2013

Birch Creek held the end of year banquet today. I finished 1st in the 85cc class for the Stadium track for 2013. I really wanted this as last year I raced hard and finished 2nd. Was able to get the #1 plate going into 2014.

Oct 26 2013

Lake Sugar Tree held the US Eastern Grand Championship Series this weekend. I placed 6 in the 9-13 85cc class. It was a fun day of racing as the track was great. I also raced for the first time in the Lake Sugar Tree Motorsport Park Moon Light Series Stadium Cross series that is held on Saturday nights. I placed 3rd in that event.

Sep 29 2013

Raced at Birch Creek today. Finished 6 in the 9-13 85 class and 10th in the 12-15 class. Was a good day of racing as this was the first time I had raced in the older class.

Sep 15 2013

Just purchased another KX85 today. It is a 2011 KX85 that has been taken real good care of. Motor has less than 8 hours on it.

Jun 15 2013

Just recently rebuilt motor,. Added new hot Rods crank and new piston. Went to race tonight at Birch Creek and finished 3rd. Had a fall in the race as the track was slick. Motor ran great. Thanks to the mechanics that rebuilt the motor, Shelton/Reynolds engine works.

May 18 2013

Raced at Birch Creek Stadium track tonight. I finished 3 in the overall. Track was really slick as it had rained most of the day.

May 5 2013

Raced today at Lake Sugar Tree Eastern Series. I signed up for only one race and was entered into 2 of them. I raced the 9-13 and finished 3rd overall and the 85cc beginner class and placed 1st in both motos. Took a wild ride over a huge step up and landed in the woods but was able to recover pretty well.

Apr 21 2013

Went to Rivers Edge today and did some nice jumps that were recently installed on track. This made the track a little more difficult and very much fun.

Apr 1 2013

Went riding today at Rivers Edge as the track was newly changed with some large jumps added to it. Also tried out the new suspension that Total Control did for me and it was outstanding. Rode a lot better. The bike did better over the jumps with it also.

Mar 31 2013

Received the upgraded shock and forks yesterday. Total Control re-valved them and replaced worn items. Just in time for next weeks race.

Mar 23 2013

Went riding at Lake Sugar Tree today. My bike is not back from getting the suspension upgraded so I was riding a CRF 85 thanks to my uncle. Very fast bike and took some geting used to. Got some nice video of me on the stadium track along with the supercross track. 

Mar 15 2013

Had to order a new rear rotor today. The one on the bike was bent. Along with this it needed to have the lower suspension linkage replaced.

Mar 13 2013

Back tire real slick and knobs are missing. Ordered a new one today - 90/100x14 Dunlop MX51 Geomax Intermediate Terrain Tire - 2004 Kawasaki KX85 (Rear)

Mar 12 2013

Sent off the suspension to the KX 85 today for Total Control out of Burlington to re-valve the forks and shock

Mar 10 2013

Went to Birch Creek today and had practice for 4 hours. Ben rode pretty well and did very nice at the jumps

Jan 15 2013

Went to Birch Creek for practice. Rained most of the week and track was real muddy. Small stadium track was fun.

Jan 7 2013

NCMP park practice today. Fun place to ride in North Carolina

Jan 1 2013

Spent most of the first 3 weeks in January rebuilding bike. New top end and bottom end.