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Personal History

I am a 12 year old dirt bike rider. I have been riding since I was 10 years old. I started off on a crf50. Then I got on a crf70. I didn't race them but just rode them and went in the woods beside my house and in my backyard. Then I got on a crf80. I started getting into racing when I was 11. I got second overall in the whole season with the crf80 had. I went through 1 year on that then moved my way up to a kx85. In 2012 I was on the podium most of the time. I got second overall in the season on that bike. Now in 2013 I am still on the kx85. I want to finally win this season. On March second, 2013, I won the main event. I am in 6th grade. I go to Gretna Middle School. I race at Birch Creek Mx Park up in Danville. I live in a little town called Hurt. My state is Virginia. I am not sponsored by anyone. That is why I want to get on this and get some. I go to Atlanta Georgia every year to watch the pro's race.

Riding Goals

.My riding goals are to get my way up to Loretta Lynn's. I have practiced for 2 years and this year will be 3. What I want is to keep going and going till I get pro. I would want to be a professional dirt bike rider. I want to race with the pro's someday

Competitive Highlights

I race at Birch Creek Mx Park. They have a national track and a stadium track. On the national track there was a Loretta Lynn's qualifying. I got first on the first moto and got the hole shot and started pulling away. I came in second. In the second moto I made a mistake while I was in second right behind first and wrecked. I was in fourth and then passed second and third and started to catch up but barely. I came in second in the 2 moto. I came in 2 overall in the first year of racing and second year of racing. This is my third year. I came in first on the first race of the stadium track in 2013 and wanting to take the win of all the season.