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Personal History

I am a six year old girl from Ohio . I Love Jesus , my family and racing dirt bikes .i am in first grade and homeschooled by my mom. I am very outgoing and love to play with my brother sister and friends .  Before I was born my dad was an amateur motocross mechanic, so he couldn’t wait to get me a bike of my own. I got my first pw50 for my second birthday and I’ve been hooked since . We have a track in our backyard where I love to ride everyday with my brother and I try to ride at my local home track at least once a week. I have a ktm senior I cant wait to start ripping on! Riding dirt bikes is my favorite thing in the entire world . My race number is 728 because my birthday is July 28. My parents and Crockett Myers parents are very close friends and they’re a huge part of our lives. I am constantly watching videos of Crockett training at MTF and racing. He is my favorite rider and I would love to ride like him and jazzmyn Canfield one day !

Riding Goals

2019 will be my first full year racing motocross. I started off racing woods racing until I realized my heart belongs on the motocross track . I will be getting a cobra senior in a couple months and I will start practicing that full time while racing my pw50 For the last year I can.  I will be racing the Ohio motocross association buckeye series , faircross series and hope to make it to an area qualifier at fast traxx or chilitown mx and hopefully a regional at Sunday creek. My goal is to get good results on my last year in the shaft class and to have a blast racing my dirt bike . I will be working hard all year to be ready to race my cobra by the time the 2020 season comes around. I am a great listener and very teachable so I will be working hard to get faster and faster everyday . My huge goals would be of course to ride at national tracks and races such as Loretta’s , mini o’s, Ponca and maybe one day even monster energy cup one day !

Competitive Highlights

2019 will be my first full season racing motocross . I started off racing woods racing and then I realized my heart belongs on the motocross track. My first mx race was in September and I got 2nd place . Our winter series started November 11 and goes until March . Round 1 of the winter series I raced two classes , and both classes had 18 kids in them. I got 2nd, 4th, 4th and 6th putting me at 4th overall and 6th overall . Round 2 was December 2nd. I had a rough start my first two motos , my brakes were sticking at the start and I got 5th and 6th. We tore into my bike and changed up my start and I came back out and got 2nd and then 1st my last two motos leaving me at 9th and 9th overall out of 18 in both classes . In the points standings I’m still in top 6 in each class.