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Personal History

     My name is Garret Baxter, I am 25 years old. I am very outgoing, family oriented, athletic, well mannered and also a very dedicated, plus motivated athlete and I have been riding for 22 years now. I was competing at very high level & rate doing very well but going unnoticed getting to the races off the little support we encountered from sponsors but mostly family racing off the little extras we have been blessed with. Unfortunately, we had to stop racing due to the economy but not once have I ever stopped riding to pursue my dream of becoming a Motocross/Supercross world champion.

     I go to the gym every morning before work then go riding, after riding I go to the gym again after if It is not too late, I eat a healthy diet on a daily basis, train hard and have a champions mentality. I am looking for any support to help pursue my dream of getting back on the track and pursuing my dream of one day becoming and holding the number one title hopefully with the backing of your company. I plan to show my results and abilities on the track this year and I hope I will be given an opportunity to represent your company, again thank you very much and God Bless.

Riding Goals

     My Goals For The 2019 Racing Season:

1. Win the 250/450 Intermediate class at Mammoth Motocross.

2. Win Loretta's.

3. Win Virginia City Grand Prix

4. Go Pro.


Competitive Highlights

1. Taking 9th and 10th Place at Mammoth Motocross.

2. Being on Suzuki's Amateur support program until breaking my jaw.

3. Taking Second Place in 85 Intermediate GFI Series, First year racing 80's.

4. Winning 2 65 and 85 Intermediate Titles.

5. Winning a Supermini & Schoolboy Title.

6. Placing 3rd Place at Arenacross.