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Personal History

My name is Anthony Kottke, I am 16 years old. I am currently looking to get back into motocross next season, as in 2010-2012 i raced in the 85cc class. As many people know motocross is expensive sport and it got to be to much. I am now old enough to drive and am looking to buy a Kawasaki 250f so I can get back into doing something that I love.

Riding Goals

I would love to make it to Loretta Lynn's my first year back and only progress from there. When i used to race I spent many hours in the gym and would like to continue to do that. 

Competitive Highlights

When I first started i was pretty slow but got alot better after training with Tommy Hofmaster, and getting sponsered by hammertime and Seward Speed Shop. My biggest accoplishment was pulling a whole shot against Chase Sexton at my local track in Byron, Illinois.