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Personal History

I’m 21 and I’ve been riding offroad since I was four years old. Growing up I was lucky enough ride every weekend and during the summer, a lot of weekdays. Last year was my first season in a race series; I entered the NMA Enduro Series in the 200B Class. I wasn’t able to make all the events but was still able to win third overall in my class at the end of the season.  This year I have entered in the 200A Class. 

Riding Goals

I entered a couple enduros last year as a “B” class rider to dip my toe in the water and enjoyed it. I podiumed all but once so, this year it’s on. I bumped myself up to “A” class to stretch my abilities. I am confident that I can win my class. I also know, I have a lot to  learn before I enter the “AA” ranks but, I am committed.

Competitive Highlights

The highlight of my competitive riding is probably this year at the Desert 100 in Odessa Washington. I won the 200 and under class. I was able to place 36th overall out of 724 entrants. Not bad for a guy on a little 200 up against open class professionals.