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Personal History

Hi my name is Alec, I am 18 years old and currently going to school to become a power sport technician. I am attending the Power Sports Institute in Cleveland, OH and currently at the top of my class. I plan on working in a dealership after school, and working toward my goal of becoming part of a pro motocross/supercross team. Ever since I was a little kid I have wanted to ride and race. I started riding on an 80cc 4 stroke off brand bike when I was 12 and rode it like crazy and eventually i started trying to jump anything I could find. My dad finally told me to stop beating on this poor little trail bike and buy a race bike if I wanted to jump so bad. From there I sold the bike and started working at a local restaurant saving everything I made to one day buy a bike. By my freshman year of high school I finally had enough saved up to buy my first bike. A 1992 rm 125 was my first race bike. Only having road an 80cc 4 stroke trail bike that was semi-automatic, the 125 was a huge jump for me being so tall and having a clutch for the first time. I continued to ride the bike at home over the next two years and working to afford all the things that i needed to go racing, gear, fuel, oil. In the spring of my junior year i finally got my chance. I headed out to my local track Delta MX, In Delta, OH and what an experiance. Of course i did awful my first time out but it was a lot for me to take on. Since then i have just been putting in seat time and only have raced a total of 9ish times. I have greatly improved over time and really enjoyed it. Then at the end of the 2014 season i bought my 2005 rmz 250 which i put a lot of work into over the winter, new valves, piston and rings, crank, and countless other little things. The 2015 season came around and i had a lot going on and was ony able to race 4 times or so. Other than that i had the chance to ride Sandusky Valley riders in Tiffin, OH for a practice day. that was a wrap to the 2015 season and now im getting money together for a full race season in 2016. I wanna go all in and ride as much as possible, hit the practice track 1 or 2 times a week and race on the weekends. Being located where i am i plan on going to the Loretta Lynn qualifier at Briarcliff mx, and also competing in the Battle For Ohio race series in southern ohio. Any help wpuld be greatly appreciated and would make my dream to race come true.   Thanks, Alec Fehlhaber