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Personal History

In 2012 I was hitting my stride and really beginning to make a name for myself in the off-road and motocross circuits. I was racing the WORCS series, and any motocross race I could enter. My training program was top notch. I was training and riding with the likes of Taylor Robert, Destry Abbott, Max Gerston, and Gary Sutherlin. I learned so much in such a small amount of time while riding with them and from being in the gym together. It pushed me to levels I never thought I could reach. I was receiving a lot of support as well.
That all came to a screeching halt when I was ran into from behind during a pileup at the Cahuilla Creek round of the WORCS series. I dislocated two vertebrae in my neck. I went through extensive rehab to get back to 100% and was lucky enough to not require surgery. That injury shook me up and I hung up my helmet for a while. I decided to move back to Chicago (where I am from) and go to college and take up an ice hockey scholarship I had earned out of high school.
In the best shape of my life, and living in Minnesota, I have picked up where I left off with one goal in mind: Go to Loretta Lynn's and show what I am capable of at the highest level. I will also be competing for the District 23 championship and Millville MX viking series championship. If all goes as planned I will compete in the remaining WMA nationals and Canadien Nationals. I know how hard I need to train and the speed necessary to make an impact, and I am fully prepared to put in the work. I have my families support and a positive outlook. Anything is a possibility.


Riding Goals

For 2016 I will be racing for the District 23 overall championship, Spring Creek MX viking series championship, and a trip to Loretta Lynn's. My off season training has already begun, and come march I will be prepared to put my KTM 2-stroke at the top of the box.