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Rider Updates

May 12 2015

Back in it! Been back on the bike again after a long (way too long) hiatus. Feeling surprisingly good, just need to get back into racing shape and I'll be back out there. Excited to race this summer!

Jan 20 2014

New year, new season! Ready to get out and do a lot of racing this year! Thanks to all of you that help me out. It makes racing financially possible for me!

Apr 15 2013

Excited for a summer full of racing with so many cool events on the calendar. Just as excited for the 3 outdoor nationals I'll be attending this year. Can't wait to get the summer going so I can get out there and represent my great sponsors.

Endless thanks to all of the companies helping out.

100% // FMF // Answer // Gaerne // Twin Air // Leatt // Pro Taper // ASV // Athena // Matrix Concepts //

1.7 Cleaning Solutions // Decal Works // Innerzyme

Mar 8 2013

Hard get-off last night while training for the upcoming round 5 of the Houston Holeshot championship. Feeling lucky to walk away relatively unscathed and hopefully I'll be ready in time for Sunday.

Very appreciative today of the Leatt brand for keeping my neck safe after going over the bars. The product has proven itself once again.

Feb 4 2013

Awesome weekend of racing in Splendora this weekend! Went 1-1 i the open class and 1-3 in the 250 stock class for 1st and 2nd overalls. Had a real good shot at sweeping all 4 races but had a bad start in the last moto of the day, caught the leader by the last lap and ended up going down in a turn pushing it for the lead. But overall, awesome day. HUGE thanks to all the sponsors helping to make it happen.

Gaerne // Leatt // ASV // Athena // JT Racing // Twin Air // 100% Goggles // Innerzyme // Decal Works 

Jan 28 2013

Tough day at a rough track in Beaumont. Struggled a bit in the sand, went down a few times and hurting today. Managed 3rd overall despite everything. "You win championships on your bad days", I made the most I could out of this one. Huge thanks To Gravett Racing for keeping me in the races after breaking a few things.

Jan 23 2013

Solid weekend at round one of the Houston Holeshot Championship. My starts could use some work, I started about 4th-5th every time. So that could use a little refining but overall my speed was good, just a click off the pace of 1st, quite literally. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd finished within 1.5 seconds of each other in both motos. I was 3rd in each. 

Solid first week anyway, put in some laps this week and get ready to tackle Beaumont on Sunday. Going for the W. 

Thanks to all the sponsors helping me to compete in this series!

Gaerne / Leatt / Decal Works / ASV / Athena / JT Racing / Pro Taper / 100% Goggles / Twin Air /

Jan 14 2013

Been working hard in the gym the last few weeks and really pouring on now before the Houston Holeshot championship begins. I'm confident I'll be ready to go and do right by my sponsors come race day.


Thank you all for your support in another successful off-season of improvement.


Gaerne/ JT Racing/ Pro Taper/ ASV/ Leatt/ 100%/ Athena/ Decal Works/

Jan 8 2013

Received my Gaerne SG12 boots this past week and I couldn't be any happier with them. The boots are FAR superior to any other I have tried. I'd just like to thank them for producing such a quality boot. Well worth the price.


Check them out at and get a pair of your own! You'll be glad you did.

Dec 29 2012

New series starting on the second Sunday of January, running until mid-spring. Finishing up prep for that, ready to come out swinging in 2013. The Houston Holeshot Championship is the series I will first contend in 2013, it begins in Beaumont. Updates with results to come after round one.


- AP

Nov 1 2012

Salvaged my position in the AMA District 20 Main Event series this past weekend at Three Palms. Spent the night before the race in the ER after suffering from a kidney injury causing severe back spasms. Got the go ahead to race and maintained 5th in the series after a tough ride.

Will be attending the award ceremony Friday, November 2nd to receive my award. Big thanks to those of you who helped me survive the series! Bring on 2013.

Oct 23 2012

Final round of the AMA District 20 Main Event Series was postponed last week and will now be held this Sunday, October 28th. This gives me an extra week of much needed recovery. I'll be 100% ready to come out swinging by Sunday, thanks to all who have helped with prep.

Oct 13 2012

Big thank you to Answer for coming on board with me! Appreciate it & I'm looking forward to an awesome 2013 rocking the Answer line.

Oct 4 2012

HUGE thank you to the sponsors Twin Air, Gaerne, ASV Inventions, and Leatt Brace. I appreciate your support and look forward to the rest of 2012, and the full 2013 season!

Oct 3 2012

Now seeking sponsorship from a gear company, goggle company, parts companies, boot companies, etc. Open to all offers.

- AP

Oct 2 2012

Halfway through the District 20 AMA Main Event Series and currently stand in 4th points. Still have a shot at 3rd. Going to be tough.


Oct 2 2012

Fully healed from my leg injury (tib/fib break) in April. Been back riding for about 2 months now and am back to 100%.

- AP