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Personal History

 I ride twice a week, and race as many series as possible. I also race "one-off" events whenever possible. I compete in both the 250 C and Open C classes.

I have worked for a couple of Motocross websites in addition to my riding. I've written articles, moderated, and run social media for as well as I have also done social media work for Rock River Powesports and Motostar clothing.

Riding Goals

My current short term goal is to win at least 8 races this season in my current class.

My long term goal is to simply to improve over time. I want to continue to get better and better with every trip to the track. I'd like to move up to the next skill level class within the next year. Other than that I just want to improve. Obviously the dream for any rider is to reach the pro level, but I'll just keep going and see where I end up.

Competitive Highlights

- 11 wins in the 250 C class, 8 wins in Open C, and 2 wins in Schoolboy during the 2013 season. 

-  16 podiums in my first season as a 250 class rider.

- 3rd overall in points in the 2012 District 20 AMA Main Event Series.

- Contribute to 2 motocross websites. & (Currently work for them).