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Company History

Roman Brown is a certified coach who specializes in working with extreme sports athletes.  He has been involved in extreme sports since he was 4 years old when he began riding and racing ATV's.  Roman is from New York, but has lived all over the country and now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • GNCC ATV National Champion
  • GNCC Top Amateur Overall x4
  • XTERRA Triathlon East Regional Champion
  • XTERRA Triathlon World Championship Top 10
  • Cat 1 Mountain Bike Racer
  • Several Overall Triathlon Wins
  • Georgia Practice Faciltity (GPF) Fitness Coach
  • Club MX Fitness Coach
  • MotoE Fitness Coach
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Riders Trained

  • Justin Brayton
  • Mike Alessi
  • Cameron McAdoo
  • Kaven Benoit
  • Tanner Ward
  • Alex Ray
  • Cade Classon
  • Max Markolf
  • Josh Osby
  • Marshal Weltin
  • Darian Sanayei
  • Henry Miller
  • Chance Blackburn
  • Joey Crown
  • Tanner Basso
  • Carter Biese
  • Marco Cannella
  • Kody Kamm
  • Jonah Smith
  • Wyatt Lyonsmith
  • Will Garrison
  • Zack Williams
  • And Many More!

The Roman Empire is made up of a team of athletes who want to go about training and life in a completely different way than everyone else. The Empire's mission is to help athletes obtain a better life by achieving what they TRULY want to, and becoming who they are really meant to be.  We do this through our proven program that ties in fitness, nutrition, flexibility, injury prevention and proper rest with the other elements of life, such as career choice, relationships, education and most importantly the right mindset!  Our program is wildly different from anything else you will see as we are not just offering a basic workout routine, but a life transformation.  The techniques and methods of training we use are a bit of a shock at first for most, but our athletes soon realize that they are finally on the right path to success

In 2011, Roman Brown made a decision that would change his life forever!  After several years of a high-intense, everything-you-have-every-day type of training program, Roman felt he needed something different.  Although he trained harder than anyone, something wasn't right.  How could he be tired at the end of a race?  How could he come to the races with little motivation and be ready to see the checkered flag before he even saw the green flag?  Roman started to do his research and came across one of the best coaches in the world, Robb Beams from MotoE.  After one phone call with Robb, Roman knew that this was the answer.  Through Robb, Roman learned the correct way to train.  He learned about over-training, proper amounts of rest and recovery, how to eat and hydrate for performance and countless other key elements that he continues to use today.  Over the last 9 years, Roman has constantly realized people suffering through the same problems that he once experienced, not only in athletics, but in every area of life.  After spending 4 years at 2 different Motocross Training Facilities as the Head Fitness Coach, Roman knew that the industry needed a change-  The Roman Empire

Our Programs

Thanks for your interest in our training program.  Here is an overview of what the online program consists of and what you should expect:

Online Training Software

All of our online training is done through an advanced software called Training Peaks.  You can use this software online or download the app on your phone.  Training Peaks allows us to upload all of your workouts, riding, nutrition, mental work, stretching, or whatever it is you have to do that day.  You just have to open up the app or go online to see your schedule.  It also allows athletes to connect their Heart Rate Monitors or watches to the app, so we can monitor every workout and riding session you do. 

Training Peaks also takes all the work you are doing and calculates it to tell you how fit you are, how tired your body is and how ready you are to race, which really comes in handy for us throughout a long race season.

Personalized Program

Before we begin training, I will have you fill out a bunch of information which will help me make a program to best suit your needs.  You will fill out what your goals are, your strengths and weaknesses, a recap of last season, what equipment you have available to train with, what your  schedule is like, and more.  I will build a program that is aimed to accomplish your goals and turn your weaknesses to strengths.

What The Program Consists Of

On The Bike Training

A structured riding program to build new levels of speed and comfortability on the bike.  Technique work, drills, motos, sprints and intervals.


Off the bike training

A structured fitness program that works around your riding program.  Your schedule is set up for you to peak (or be at your highest level of fitness) for your most important races.  Your training will be broken up into phases according to the season you are in.  The off-season will usually consist of mostly strength and aerobic endurance work.  Pre-season will consist of more muscular endurance and high intensity training and during the race season you will be focusing on maintaining what you've gained more than trying to improve.  All of your training also depends on your strengths and weaknesses as well though.  For example, if you feel that you are very strong, but your endurance is not where it should be, we will set you up with less strength.  Workouts depend on what you have available.  We will make anything work.

Hydration & Nutrition

We will take a look into your existing nutrition and hydration, break it down and build a perfect diet that suits you and optimizes your performance.  This part of the program consists of food logs, meal ideas, sweat rate calculator, and other tips and secrets.

Flexibility & Mobility

You will receive a daily routine to work on your flexibility and mobility. Your ability to be flexible and move properly will greatly increase your strength and efficiency, while decreasing your chance of injury.

Mental Program

This part go the program is aimed to get you into a winning mindset for life as well as racing.  It will consist of daily mental exercises to work on as well as things to read and listen to that will turn you into a champion. 

Rest  & Recovery

I will show you all the tricks and proper ways to rest and recover faster from your training.  The faster you can recover, the more work you can get done which will just accelerate your growth!

Race Support

You will receive race support at any of the races that I attend.  We usually are at most of the GNCC's throughout the year and then a select few locals.  Race support consists of help with your nutrition and hydration, help with warmup and stretching, help with track walk, bike setup, and anything that we can assist you with.