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Company History

Snuffy Racing Development was founded in 2005, by Rydane Dixon. He started his journey of building bikes and doing suspension, after working with Josh Boykin at a young age of 15. He then started working with Dustin Pipes and his father, Aaron Pipes, which gave him the opportunity to work side by side with some of the best motor inclined mechanics in the industry, such as: Dean Dickerson, Terry Varner, and Allen Knowles. Having a young ambition to build bikes, Rydane has been able to take the insight from his past to build a solid environment and foundation to grow Snuffy Racing Development into an incredible working force, and to build bikes to exceed the industry standards. During this time, Rydane has worked with several of the greatest riders in the world such as; Mike and Jeff Alessi, Kyle Cunningham, Justin Sipes, Rusty Holland, Adam Enticknap. He now puts a full emphasis on doing what it takes to build the best equipment possible. The road that Rydane has traveled in this industry includes: being at every event for Supercross and AMA-sanctioned races, and motocross races for the past 6 years gave him many international connections. And lastly, understanding that you need to keep a broad view on every aspect of the motorcycle, and the need to be open minded to ensure greatness.