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Location Irvine, CA, US
Categories Chains / Sprocket, Engine Mods / Parts, Handlebars / Controls, OEM Parts, Pee Wee / 50 Racing, Suspension, Protection, Other
About Us Founded in 1991, ProTaper revolutionized the motorcycle industry with the introduction of the 1 1/8″ Taperwall handlebar.  Since it’s inception ProTaper has set the standard in which all other motorcycle handlebars are measured against. ProTaper is constantly evolving and pushing innovation to the next level.  Now offering a full line of...View
About Our Programs We encourage all serious racers to submit a request for sponsorship.  We would love to sponsor you all, but it is just not possible.  We look for the whole package in our riders, not just the one that is winning every race.  We recommend that you race as much as...View

Company Updates

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:     We observe the right to Revoke your sponsorship if we find that you are currently sponsored by competing brands of Handlebars, Sprockets, Grips, Levers, Foot Pegs, etc.  (For example: ODI, TAG Metals, Sunline, Vortex Racing, etc.)  If you want to be exclusively sponsored with ProTaper, you can re-apply for sponsorship after the competing sponsors have been removed from your profile.

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