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Company History

Since 1971 our off-road products have represented the most legendary off-road racer of all time: Malcolm Smith.  While being built to perform, to last, and to survive harder hits than your ordinary aftermarket parts, MSR products are also built to be functional and practical.  Adhering to the strictest quality and safety standards, MSR believes in bringing products to the off-road community that are built off-road tough.  Our passion is to ensure that our riders have the ability to ride in adverse weather conditions and over difficult terrain with peace of mind about their hard parts.  Malcolm Smith Racing is your brand and our goal is to offer you the best in off-road protection equipment, and hard parts.  MSR is proud to sponsor top athletes around the world both on two wheels and four.  Riders such as Jonny Walker, Robby Bell, Colton Udall, Mark Samuels, Justin Jones, Becca Sheets, Daniel Milner, Jordan Ashburn, Grant Baylor, Walker Fowler, Tatum Sik, Cole Richardson, and Ryan Sipes all rely on MSR products.

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Our Programs

Any Off-road racer looking to work hard and provide MSR Hard Parts with a positive representation on and off the track.