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Company History



Company Background

Moto-Master products represent one of the finest lines of replacement and high performance braking systems available. Created in 1997 and driven by the desire for innovation, Moto-Master's Netherlands based facility does all of the engineering, research & development, and manufacturing in-house. Through extensive R&D as well as in the field race testing, our products have been proven to not only provide substantial performance gains to your machine, but also weight savings over the original equipment that comes from the manufacturer as well. Always striving to be the leader in innovation, Master is continuously investing in new technology and new challenges and quality.

Replacement Rotors

Moto-Master rotors are manufactured to the tightest tolerances and specifications. Made from hardened and refined Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel, these rotors allow for high-performance braking while exhibiting extremely little wear. All discs are lasercut, CNC drilled, and surface machined for perfect fitment and flatness. Venting holes are also integrated into the rotor design to help aid with cooling and cleaning of the contact surface.

For best performance we recommend using Moto-Master brake pads with the matching pad compound that best suits your type of riding.

Oversize Flame Discs

Our Oversize Flame Discs are the ideal solution for off-road riders looking for more braking power. Fully floating and cut with our Flame design, these discs offer a serious improvement over stock. Performance gains of up to 35% over stock have been seen with this 260mm disc setup, along with up to a 20% increase in weight savings. All of our Oversize Flame Discs are lasercut, CNC drilled, surface machined and hardened, guaranteeing perfect fitment and the best durability possible.

These oversize discs must be used with our billet aluminum adapter bracket in order to relocate the stock brake caliper to the correct position.

Moto-Master Brake Pads

Our Moto-Master Brake Pads are developed to give you the most performance and longest life out of your brake system. Designed to have a progressive feel at the lever, these sintered metal pads offer a strong initial bite, along with great durability in extreme conditions. They also provide high thermal stability of up to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit (600C) without any noticeable brake fade. Moto-Master Brake Pads are compatible with any OEM brake discs, but are specifically designed to work best with our own brake rotors. Available in four different compounds, our brake pads are suitable for any riding conditions.

Supermoto Racing

Moto-Master Supermoto Racing products represent the best performing and highest quality components in Supermoto racing today. Comprised of our 4-Piston Caliper Kit and 320mm Flame Disc, this brake system can handle any abuse that you can throw at it. Our Caliper Kit, which consists of a CNC machined and orange anodized aluminum 4-piston racing caliper, CNC machined adapter bracket, race compound brake pads, and mounting hardware, was specifically designed for Supermoto racing and is able to be used with the stock master cylinder.

Our Supermoto Racing Disc, designed specifically for our racing caliper, is a 320mm floating rotor, utilizing an anodized aluminum inner carrier. Disc thickness has also been increased to 5mm, which allows for no deformation or fading up to 1,004 degrees Fahrenheit. (540C)

Supermoto Eco

Our Supermoto Eco product line has been designed as an economical solution for recreational riding, while still providing outstanding braking performance. The Supermoto Eco Discs are 4mm thick and utilize a 320mm non-floating design. This disc must be used in combination with the OEM caliper and our aluminum adapter bracket, which is CNC machined and orange anodized. For optimal performance we recommend using our matching brake pads in the racing compound with this brake setup.

* Supermoto Eco Discs are not compatible with our 4-piston racing Caliper

Supermoto Street

Our Supermoto Street product line is the ideal solution for the rider that wants race-oriented performance without the cost of switching to a full Supermoto Racing setup. Designed for use with your stock brake caliper, these Supermoto Street Discs are 4mm thick and utilize a 320mm floating design. The aluminum inner carrier is clear anodized and mounted to the disc with 10 stainless steel floaters. This disc must be used with our matching adapter bracket, which is CNC machined and orange anodized. For optimal performance we recommend using our matching brake pads in the racing compound with this brake setup.

* Supermoto Eco Discs are not compatible with our 4-piston racing Caliper

Our Programs

Our ideal team rider is a highly motivated and positive individual.  Someone who is always striving to improve themselves as a racer and an individual.  They should always give it 100% effort on and off the track and present themselves in a professional manner.