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Company History

EVS, the Original Protective Gear Company, was founded in 1985. Since then, we’ve continued to make the most technologically advanced safety gear in the action sports industry. 
EVS...Innovation and Advanced Technology


Every year, action sport athletes are pushed to higher levels than ever before and the safety equipment used to protect these athletes allows them to go faster and jump farther. With the increased speed and danger, EVS is constantly evolving to produce the safest and most innovative products. 


As the EVS story goes, a motocross rider injured his knee one too many times and decided that the everyday pain he was going through was just too much. Out of this, the idea of making a product that will protect an athlete’s knees (along with the rest of their body) while riding was born. This was the birth of EVS and the future of innovation and advanced technology.


EVS’ first product, the AMX-5 knee brace, has been worn by some of the world’s most prestigious athletes and was the building block for EVS’ most comprehensive protective gear line ever. EVS is fully dedicated to providing superior protection for athletes of all sorts in the action sports world.  In addition, we’re constantly developing and expanding the line to help protect you at all levels of participation. From beginner to pro, we’ve got you covered!


With the same dedication athletes put into their sport and the endless amounts of blood, sweat and tears, EVS works just as hard putting the spotlight on safety and you. 


-Team EVS


Our Programs

Our ideal team rider will have a true passion for their sport. We look for riders that will represent EVS with class and style. Attitude, effort and loyalty play as much a part as race results do.