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Company History

Eagle Grit mechanic’s hand cleaner was born in 2017 by ex Supercross racer and host of Supercross' “Race Day Live” Daniel Blair, with hopes of bringing a high quality hand cleaner into the sport of Motocross.

"The revolutionary product was built with a unique formula that uses a detergent base, natural scrubbers, and a lotion moisturizer that gives mechanics a feeling they’ve never experienced with traditional hand cleaners." - Brian Alquist (co-owner/creator) 

Eagle Grit is used and endorsed by a majority of the teams and mechanics in the Supercross pits, including Brian Kranz (Eli Tomac), Chris Loredo (Jason Anderson), and many more.

"I've been wrenching on bikes since I can remember. Hand cleaner has always been a problem because it dried my skin and cracked my knuckles. Eagle Grit solved the issue. I've never used a product that works this good and moisturizes my hands." – Andy Dalton (Troy Lee Designs KTM)

Don’t work on your bike again without a bottle of Eagle Grit at your sink. “Work Hard, Clean Up Right”